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Best Town Hall 8 Base Designs

New "STRONGEST" Town-hall 8 Defense Layout (CoC TH8) Trophy Base | Clash of all Clans

The alongside our list is the remarkable TH8 surveillance foundation. This excellent th8 base is equally really as strong as another and much better. The design is that the bottom is broken up into multiple layers and compartments. Each coating is strong in its manner as the hard-to-reach core is some thing which folks call "killzone". The concealed Teslas protecting City Hall and also Clan Castle.

Each layer has its very own pair of shield arrangements which makes the bottom THE STRONGEST TH8 defense base. No more Troop has endured this particular base!

If you're push-through a-league specially the Titan's League then here may be an excellent base for you personally. The bottom might look a touch overly feeble or susceptible nonetheless it's a very powerful tactical base. The outer ring of this bottom gets got the most powerful defenses that unite together to produce the most powerful & most effective coating. The enemy troop can't ever be funneled through this coating. You can use this foundation to acquire a few fairly great shit from the Titan's League

Most Useful TH8 HYBRID BASE WITH BOMB TOWER! | Town-hall 8 Farming / Trophy Base

This TH8 Hybrid is an excellent combination to shield against some other troop. The walls that are mirrored and pockets of this bottom offer it an attribute to divert enemy troops round the center whilst the center is shielded by counter tops Mortars leaving no more distance found. Even the Hidden Tesla's, atmosphere sweepers and also most of all the bomb tower unite together to eliminate any troop which arrives in their own way. The bottom can be applied as a fantastic multi-tasking foundation in Leagues and a productive farming base.




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